Native Wilderness Skills

Native Wilderness SkillsThe more you know, the less you need” Native Wilderness Skills

Connect with nature on a whole new level as you learn to live off the land, just as the Natives did for thousands of years. This Native Wilderness Skills Course is designed to build confidence and teach competence. Regardless of your current abilities, after a few days and a lot of hands on training, you will emerge from the wilderness with newfound confidence and an arsenal of useful backcountry skills.

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Native Wilderness SkillsWith each new skill, you will be more equipped to adapt to your surroundings and see the wilderness, and all of its abundance, with new eyes. As you learn to craft necessary tools and harvest wild edibles, you can step away from dependence on modern conveniences and instead step towards greater harmony with the environment. Our ultimate goal is to remove the things that separate you from the land. In the absence of those barriers, you can experience the same authentic connection with nature that the Natives enjoyed for thousands of years.Native Wilderness Skills

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