Train for the wilderness career you’ve been dreaming of and the boundless life YOU WERE MADE FOR.

Train for the wilderness career you’ve been dreaming of and the boundless life YOU WERE MADE FOR.

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My name is Tom and I’m a student of forestry at university. I’m 23 years old and I’m doing my internship in forest-science. My studies require an internship of 6 weeks in a forestry related internship. I decided to do this internship in a forestry country to develop a deep perspective and gain knowledge in international forestry. Canada was the greatest interests for me because forestry regulations are very different compared to the ones in Germany and forestry is handled on a total different level and perspective. The ranch with it’s 600ha woodlot and the big varieties of learning opportunities, like managing a woodlot, logging, skidder driving, horse logging and wildlife management sounded like a perfect combination of adventure and working task for me.

The benefits I gained at the ranch are several. In one way I learned a lot about how forestry and nature conservation is handled, on the other hand, how it is combined with tourism and business. A big bonus at the ranch is the work with the horses, is it just a day ride on a day off or a whole pack trip, you are around horses all the time.

After I finished my internship I will go back to Germany to carry on with my studies.

Tom -

23 years old from Germany


In 2008 I went on a 10 day pack-trip and had the experience of a lifetime, far away from the comforts of cozy Denmark. Since then I always had it in the back of my head to come back, but as an intern… I have worked harder than ever before, done things that was new to me close to every day, like woodlot-assistant, been on hunts, shoeing, packing, worming, bush-riding, staking, hobbling, research and marketing and management for the Wilderness Stewardship Foundation, driving a skidder, planning and organizing in an ever changing environment, learning about tracking and behavior of wildlife, bear-safety, chasing and trekking horses … and all the time appreciating the clear sky and bright stars, fresh air and amazing scenery. … Off work I have been hiking, walking dogs, riding horses, done target-shooting, played UNO, reading in front of the fireplace and hanging out with new good friends. … I don’t know if you can talk about degrees of knowing yourself since you grow and learn throughout life. But I have learned something new about my self, my limits and potential. … I feel again like I can recognize my reflection in mirror, so to speak. … I just forgot and needed to rediscover. And I did, but accompanied by an elevated self esteem, trusting own judgement and self acceptance, which is new to me.

Camilla -

27 years old from Denmark

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