Internships Co-ops Employment, Internships Co-ops Employment, Internships Co-ops EmploymentInternships Co-ops Employment
Wilderness-based careers are unlike any other occupation; there are always new things to learn, wild places to explore, and opportunities to pursue. That’s why so many of our wilderness training program graduates decide to spend more time in nature and increase their level of experience through internship, co-op, and employment opportunities.

Because we invest a lot in our students, we are always eager to facilitate opportunities for further professional and personal growth. Our many partnerships, which include the Wilderness Stewardship Foundation and a diverse 4-season wilderness guest ranch, give us the unique ability to match you to opportunities that will further enhance what you learned during your wilderness training program.

Regardless of which opportunities you choose to pursue, you will have the opportunity to harness your true potential and leadership skills as you overcome new challenges every day.


Internships Co-ops Employment

Wilderness-based internships provide a unique opportunity to solidify your knowledge base and your learning experience. As you overcome the challenges and obstacles that are inherent to nature, you will develop the personal confidence and necessary skills to carve out your dream career and life.

Internships and co-ops are available in wilderness angling, horse-based guiding, alpine hiking, forestry and logging, and business administration. Natural resource and wildlife management internships are also available through our partnership with the Wilderness Stewardship Foundation. Every program provides you with rare access to our established guide territory, with over 5,000 square kilometers of pristine wilderness, and woodlot.

University Internships and Co-Ops

Outdoor and wilderness-based industries provide many opportunities for learning and growth. In addition to utilizing the skills you just learned during your wilderness training school, you will also get to apply your previous academic knowledge. Whether you are majoring in business management, tourism operations, accounting, wildlife studies, forestry management, or a multitude of other subjects, there is an internship to match your focus. Some of our past interns have even earned academic credit and satisfied university requirements through these co-op opportunities.

Discover how you can benefit from university internships and co-ops.


With the technical skills and confidence you develop during your wilderness training program, you will be well on your way to working in your dream job. The comprehensive training that CWTC provides, along with its solid reputation, allow you to capitalize on the diversity of employment opportunities in nature. Throughout your training program at CWTC, you will gain a greater idea of the career opportunities that the vastness of nature and its great diversity supply. Our motivated, dedicated graduates have made the most of these opportunities by identifying their goals and applying the knowledge they gained during their wilderness training programs.

For more information about employment in wilderness industries and current job openings, visit WildernessJobs.

Internships Co-ops Employment