Have you ever heard of “mountain cayuse horses“? Special Kind of Horse

Mountain Cayuse1

Cayuses are Canadian wild horses. Like Mustangs in the USA, Cayuses are still inhabiting the remote wilderness of British Columbia.

All Cayuses are decendants of the Spanish horses brought by Cortes in the early XVIth century. A herd of about 100 lives in the Brittany Triangle by Nemiah Valley (Chilcotin District), they have been roaming this mountainous area for over 200 years. Smaller herds can be found in other areas of British Columbia. One of them lives about 1h30 East of our ranch on the mountain plateaus.

Cayuses have always been known for being hardy and tireless. Click here to read the extraordinary story of one brave little Cayuse pony in the 1950’s…

Mountain Cayuse

Many of our horses are Cayuses, caught directly out of the wilderness and trained. Their wild instinct is a fantastic asset: they are trail-smart, sure-footed, brave and persistent, capable of going safely on very challenging terrain where you wouldn’t imagine horses can go.

Familiar with our local wildlife, they have no fear when encountering other animals, even predators like black bear or grizzly. Most of them have some draft horse in them, which makes them calm, patient and reliable, ideal for our Guide School students to learn and explore new horizons, and develop new skills.

Mountain Cayuse

Mountain Cayuse, Mountain Cayuse, Mountain Cayuse, Mountain Cayuse
Special Kind of Horse, Special Kind of Horse, Special Kind of Horse