Chilcotin Holidays holds a Woodlot License that allows us to harvest trees in certain areas of our operating territory. We are fortunate to be entitled to such a license which we see as an opportunity for those interested to learn and practice special skills related to harvesting and building from your woodlot. forestry woodlot carpentry program

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We offer two comprehensive programs in forestry/woodlot: 1 Week Horse Logging School and 1 Week Log Cabin Building School.

1 Week Horse Logging

British Columbia has a unique way of taking care of its 60 million hectares of forests.

Parcels of Crown land – “forestry woodlots” – are allocated to individuals and companies engaged in farming or ranching who become locally responsible for managing the said parcels in compliance with a specific Woodlot Licence and a Management Plan. Woodlots vary greatly in size but are typically no bigger than 1,200 acres (interior land).

On our 600 hectares woodlot, tree harvesting is done through selective logging and mostly by horse-logging. Although horse-logging is an old method used long before the development of heavy machinery, it is still in use today and on the edge of revival because of its many advantages and efficiency at a small scale level

If you are interested in forestry/woodlot management and you want to learn how to do horse logging, we will educate you in all aspects of woodlot management (system, regulations, licenses…), teach you all about horse-logging as well as certain fundamental horse skills like handling and shoeing.

Make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to learn and practice your horse logging skills this season!

1 Week Log Cabin Building

Have you ever dreamed of building a rustic log cabin out in the wilderness or in your backyard, having your own retreat that you have built of your own hands?

Our comprehensive program will teach you the fundamentals to build your dream log cabin with minimal equipment and material.

Learn how to construct a durable four-season cabin with a solid foundation, bear-proof walls and a roof that can support the snow load.

Our approach is very practical, hands on and the progress is quick and rewarding.

The course is based at the ranch or out of one of our 25 mountain camps. Pack all the necessary equipment, your food and cloth / gear on the pack horses and go build a log cabin somewhere out on our 5000 sq km territory… forestry woodlot carpentry program