Have you ever dreamed of being capable of going safely into the remote wilderness on horseback on your own or leading a group of people?

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Our two Horse-Based Wilderness Training Programs will take you through the steps of becoming capable and confident in the wilderness. 

Horse-based Wilderness Training
Like the pioneers did before us, back in the old days, learn how to use horses to transport your food, gear, sleeping bag and other supplies/equipment such as propane, chainsaw, skis…

Learn how to find your way around and ride the horses into unknown territory where wildlife is abundant and diverse.

Our experienced instructors will teach you all the skills that are needed to stay out in the bush for 5, 10, 15 consecutive nights or more. In other words, learn how to be self-sufficient in the pristine Canadian wilderness, just you, your horses and the mountains…

Horse-based Wilderness Training
Both courses provide students with a combination of working knowledge and practical skills.  Both courses are ranch and camp based: the first half of the course is spent at the ranch, the second half is based out of one of our 25 mountain camps doing a real pack trip. 

Our objective is to give you significant exposure and to constantly put you in real-life situations to provide you with the right opportunities to gain hands-on experience and problem solving skills in our challenging setting. Practice is the only way for you to become confident and independent with your new skills.

1 & 2 Week Wilderness School

Our Wilderness School is the first level of training. It is designed for anyone interested in leading horseback adventures into the wilderness, regardless of the background and previous outdoors/horse experience, or for those looking for an educational holidays.

Horse-based Wilderness Training
Our objective is to provide you with the foundations to become independent and competant in a remote wilderness setting and teach you the skills needed to safely take your own pack trips out to camp.

You will learn shoeing skills, packing skills, how to ride western, mountain riding, how to cope with difficult situations while in the bush (bear encounter, riding on tough terrain, horse handling in the bush…). You’ll also learn wilderness survival skills, camp and range management and time management on a trip.  

Horse-based Wilderness Training
The course is offered in 1 or 2 weeks length. The difference between the One Week and Two Week Schools is only in length.

The same skills will be taught in both, only you’ll have more time to practice each new skill you learn during the Two Week School, plus you will spend one full week in camp.

Our training is hands-on: you’ll spend 3 nights in the bush on a 1 Week Guide School and 6 nights in the bush on a 2 Week Guide School as a pack trip.

The advanced course is designed for those interested in guiding high-level adventures such as wildlife viewing trips or for those who wish to specialize in tracking. It is offered to individuals who want to deepen their wilderness/guiding knowledge upon completion of the basic Wilderness School, and are interested in learning more about Canadian wildlife, seasonal patterns and habitat, to be able to identify and find all species in the bush year round.

Horse-based Wilderness Training
Be prepared to leave the trails and to go through the bush for a real educational safari.

Experience extreme riding: ride deep into the bush where very few men venture, over mountain tops and passes, and develop your sense of direction using landmarks and blazes.

Learn to track animals, become more knowledgeable about nature interpretation and how to read the land. Wildlife and plant identification will be an important part of the course.

Learn about spike camping and camp building, how to choose your camp ground for the night, how to take care of the horses of your spike camp, food storage and safety, firearm safety and use, staff and trip management and much more.

And remember to bring a good pair of binoculars and a camera…

Do you feel ready to pack up and ride out to the bush for some exciting wilderness adventures? Make what you love possible, make your dreams come true…

Horse-based Wilderness Training

Horse-based Wilderness Training