Our 1 Week Wilderness Hike Training is intended to teach you how to be competent in the wilderness on “horse supported” adventures. Wilderness Hike Training

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What does it mean? Unlike typical hikes organized these days, our hiking practice incorporates horses in the experience. Instead of carrying your gear on your back, let the horses take care of it all.

Using a pack horse to carry your gear allows more freedom of movement, comfort, longer trips and it is an overall more enjoyable experience for the hiker.

We will teach you basic horse skills during this course: shoeing, packing, hobbling and staking. You will learn how to handle and work with the horses.

You’ll learn about the local flora and fauna, camp preparation and management, range management, regulations and operational procedures.

Check out our official trekking/hiking website, where we list our services: www.wildernesstrekkingcanada.com Wilderness Hike Training

Wilderness Hike Training